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Ultra Cast 4oz

Ultra Cast 4oz

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Breaking Strain

About The Product:

Our strongest premium mainline ASSO's Ultra Cast 4OZ, fluorocarbon coated and used by top anglers. Newly expanded colour range for high visibility. Perfect for dirty water and night fishing all around the UK.

- Fluorocarbon coated co-polymer
- Supreme knot and linear breaking strength
- Very high performance line
- Low stretch and low memory
- High abrasion resistance and durability

Product Description:

Introducing ASSO's Ultra Cast 4OZ, a standard in the Main Lines. Designed for anglers who demand superior performance and precision in their fishing endeavors, this advanced line is the epitome of excellence.

Crafted with precision and engineered for maximum casting distance, the ASSO Ultra Cast 4OZ is a reliable companion for novice and seasoned anglers. Its unique blend of technology and high-quality materials ensures exceptional strength and durability, making it the ideal choice for anglers seeking to conquer challenging fishing environments.

The Ultra Cast 4OZ by ASSO boasts an impressive four-ounce weight, offering unparalleled control and accuracy in your casting. Whether targeting distant waters or casting with finesse, this fishing line delivers the power and sensitivity needed to elevate your fishing experience.

Buy ASSO's Ultra Cast 4OZ

ASSO, a trusted name in the fishing industry, has consistently set the standard for excellence, and the Ultra Cast 4OZ is no exception. This product reflects ASSO's commitment to innovation, ensuring that anglers have access to top-tier equipment that enhances their skills and maximizes their success on the water.

Explore the possibilities of precision casting and unmatched performance with the ASSO Ultra Cast 4OZ – a central line designed to meet and exceed the expectations of dedicated anglers.

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