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Asso Tapered Mainline

Asso Tapered Mainline

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About The Product:

  • Special tapered Nylon Monofilament line
  • 200m of limp premium quality Asso running line
  • Built in 20m tapered leader
  • No leader knot gives ultimate line strength from you to the fish
  • No weed build up on the
  • Smooth casting
  • Colour – Multi coloured with color change at 25m intervals

Product Description:

    Introducing ASSO's Tapered Mainline, a revolutionary addition to our comprehensive line of fishing products. Designed for shock absorption and optimum power transfer, this Shock Leader is the go-to choice for anglers who demand the best.

    With the distinctive ASSO quality, our Tapered Mainline stands out as a reliable companion for anglers pursuing a variety of species. Whether you're casting for trophy fish in freshwater or battling the powerful currents of the open sea, ASSO ensures that you are equipped with a line that not only performs but excels.

    Buy ASSO's Tapered Mainline

    Choose ASSO for the ultimate fishing experience – where precision meets power and every cast counts. Boost your angling game with the ASSO Tapered Mainline because when it comes to Shock Leaders, ASSO leads the way.

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