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Asso Oblivion 4oz Memory Free Line

Asso Oblivion 4oz Memory Free Line

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Breaking Strain

About The Product:

ASSO Oblivion 4OZ, the best made for purpose memory free snood & trace line you can get. A far superior memory free, high strength line designed specifically for snoods when rig making.

  • 100% memory free snood
  • 100M and 4oz spools l Ultra soft & supple
  • Super Smooth

Product Description;

Introducing the ASSO Oblivion 4OZ Memroy Free Line, this 4-ounce spool of perfection is set to elevate your fishing experience to new heights. Oblivion 4OZ is a testament to cutting-edge technology and innovation in fishing gear. The blend of advanced polymers ensures unparalleled strength, durability, and knot integrity, making it an indispensable companion for novice and seasoned anglers.

Whether pursuing trophy catches or enjoying a leisurely day by the water, the ASSO Oblivion 4OZ guarantees exceptional sensitivity and responsiveness. Feel every nibble, detect the slightest movements, and experience a level of control that sets you apart on the water.

Buy ASSO's Oblivion 4OZ

Designed to handle the toughest challenges, the Oblivion 4OZ is versatile enough to excel in various fishing scenarios. Its low memory and exceptional abrasion resistance ensure smooth casts, reduced tangles, and optimal performance, while the high knot strength provides the confidence to tackle the most demanding fish species. Trust in the name that anglers worldwide rely on – ASSO – and experience the unmatched quality of the Oblivion 4OZ.

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