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Asso Invisilk 4oz

Asso Invisilk 4oz

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Breaking Strain

About The Product:

Extremely popular, durable, middle-range Asso Invisilk 4OZ line. Great for Night time visibility.

  • Quality co-polymer
  • Hi-vis mainline
  • Low memory
  • Maximum strength and durability
  • Invisible in water

Product Description:

Introducing ASSO's Invisilk 4OZ – a mainline crafted with precision and innovation to give anglers unparalleled performance on the water.

The ASSO Invisilk 4OZ is a testament to the brand's commitment to excellence in fishing gear. Boasting a robust 4OZ weight capacity, the Invisilk guarantees superior casting distance and accuracy, allowing you to reach those elusive hotspots easily. The advanced technology behind ASSO's Invisilk ensures exceptional knot strength, reducing the likelihood of breakages and providing the confidence to tackle even the most challenging catches.

Buy ASSO's Invisilk 4OZ

ASSO's commitment to quality extends beyond functionality to include durability. The Invisilk 4OZ is crafted with premium materials that resist abrasion, ensuring longevity in demanding fishing environments. Trust ASSO to provide you with a mainline that withstands the test of time, delivering reliable and consistent performance in every fishing expedition.

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