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Asso Classic 4oz

Asso Classic 4oz

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Breaking Strain

About The Product:

Our most diverse monofilament Asso Classic 4OZ line with a large range of diameters, can be used as: Mainline, Rig Body, Snood and Shock Leader.

  • Long durability
  • High impact strength
  • Superior abrasion resistance
  • Low stretch factor
  • Outstanding knot and tensile strength

Product Description:

Introducing ASSO's Classic 4OZ, specially designed to meet the demands of diverse fishing environments, this main line combines durability, strength, and sensitivity to elevate your fishing experience.

The Classic 4OZ is meticulously crafted to give anglers the confidence to tackle challenging fishing scenarios. Whether casting into turbulent waters or navigating underwater obstacles, this main line delivers unparalleled performance, allowing you to push your limits and achieve angling success.

Buy ASSO's Classic 4OZ

ASSO's commitment to excellence is reflected in the Classic 4OZ, where each strand is woven with precision to create a line that stands up to the rigours of angling and enhances your overall fishing prowess. 

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